Where can I download TrueLicense?

Actually, you don't want to do that. Instead, you should use the TrueLicense Maven Archetype to generate a custom project for you. When running its build, Maven will download the TrueLicense JARs from Maven Central and generate JARs for your custom project, including a standalone JAR with the API for vending and consuming license keys according to your configured licensing schema.

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Do I have to use Maven with my software product for using TrueLicense?

No, you can use TrueLicense in your software product without using Maven. However, it's strongly recommended to use the TrueLicense Maven Archetype for generating a custom project for you. Once Maven has build your custom project, you can grab the standalone JAR of the Key Generator or Key Manager module and put it on your class path.

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How to retain compatibility with existing license keys?

You can retain compatibility with any V2/JSON, V2/XML or V1 format license keys by configuring the same cryptographic algorithms and parameters, e.g. key stores and passwords. The recommended strategy to do this is to generate a new project from the TrueLicense Maven Archetype and then customize it.

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