This page shows you what you need to work with TrueLicense.


For using TrueLicense, you just need to have a Java Runtime Environment, version 1.8 or later installed.

For generating and building a project from the TrueLicense Maven Archetype, you also need to use Apache Maven, version 3.5.0 or later. You are not required to use Maven for using the project in your software product however: Once you are done building your project, you can just add the standalone JARs or the regular JARs plus their dependency JARs to the class path of your software product - see using the API.

It’s also strongly recommended, but not strictly necessary, to use a source code management system, e.g. Git or Mercurial - see setting up a VCS.

TrueLicense Certificate

TrueLicense is dual licensed: For closed source software, you need to subscribe to the commercial licensing program for TrueLicense and buy one or more TrueLicense certificates or otherwise you are required to open source your software product under the terms of the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3.

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